Meet ups for writers in Cardiff

Writers block can be a hard thing to break. You can love reading, love writing, feel like you’re the next Hemingway and be buzzing with ideas, but somehow as soon as a pen’s in your hand- or you’re in front of the keyboard- you discover a desperate need to make a cup of tea, or … Continue reading

Speaking out- Christina Thatcher on Ignite Cardiff

A big part of the brilliance of Ignite Cardiff is the fact that its talks can come from anyone, from any angle- on subjects that are truly extraordinary or touchingly ordinary, things that happen to an unusual few, or things we all experience over time.   Amongst the great talks at the last Ignite Cardiff, the … Continue reading

Book clubs in Cardiff.

Dear Cardiffians- please ignore all the jazz about getting out there and exercising, now is not the time for outdoor pursuits. While the weather has still got a winter chill about, and, if like us you got a hefty stack of new books to get started on over Christmas, we think its perfect time for … Continue reading

Women in Technology- Cardiff’s meet ups.

You might call them techies, nerds, or geeks- but one thing is probable- you’ll most likely be imagining a man.  In the world of technology and engineering women are sadly under-represented, but is this about to change, and what has Cardiff got going on to help women out?  

January: Talks and meet ups in Cardiff.

And so a new year begins. Pulling yourself out of that post Christmas limbo, we all know January is a time for making resolutions to do new things and improve ourselves. If your looking to do something beyond making it to the gym once in a while or losing that Christmas weight, then Cardiff has … Continue reading

Ignite Cardiff

The tickets sell out in under a minute, it attracts audiences of around 400 people, and every two months Cardiff’s twitter-verse becomes just a little bit obsessed with it. And yes, this is all for a free event based on quasi-educational talks, sharing bright ideas in 5-minute slots.