Ignite Cardiff

The tickets sell out in under a minute, it attracts audiences of around 400 people, and every two months Cardiff’s twitter-verse becomes just a little bit obsessed with it. And yes, this is all for a free event based on quasi-educational talks, sharing bright ideas in 5-minute slots.

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Caught in the Crossfire- talk by Valerie Amos at WCIA.

Following a morning when the hype over the Ebola epidemic dominated the headlines, and the airwaves had buzzed with renewed scrutiny of the conflict in Syria, UN Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief, Baroness    Valerie Amos stopped off in Cardiff to give talk at the Welsh Centre for International Affairs. Continue reading

A few sites to keep an eye on…

Don’t just take it from us. Here are a few good sites to have a trawl of if you’re looking for free talks…

Cardiff University has public talks on all year round from speakers from all walks of life: from scientists to historians, judges to journalists.

All sorts pop up on Eventbrite, including many a free talk. Its free to use and is the place to go to book a place for a lot of talks in Cardiff.

Ignite is a great event in Cardiff that comes around bi monthly. Brave members of the public volunteer themselves to talk about a subject of their choosing, making for an unusual 5 minutes. You can keep track of them, and check out videos of past events on their website.

Design Stuff Cardiff is an original event run for graphic designers of Cardiff, and no, they don’t just rave about font styles- with talks about design and all the walks of life it touches- so pretty much every thing really- this is a great friendly event well worth keeping track of.

TEDx Cardiff is a sort of spin off of TED talks. You can keep up with what they’re up to here.

Should you need convincing of why talks are an amazing thing that are not boring, not just for students and so worth your time- or simply fancy watching something to, you know, restore your faith in human kind and that- have a look at TED talks online

Talks this November

  [ All talks are free but you’ll need to book in online]

18th     –          Tuesday  

“There is no black and white: seeking the perspective of others.” Nick Lewis Memorial Trust Lecture given by John McCarthy– Tales and revelations of a journalist held hostage in Lebanon.

It was a story worthy of headlines- working as a journalist in Lebanon in April 1986 John McCarthy was kidnapped and held for hostage 1,943 days. Speaking about the realities of his experience as a hostage, the talk will reflect on what he learned then about himself and human interaction, and the life and work that has followed. 7pm, Julian Hodge building.

19th     –          Wednesday 

Ignite Cardiff– Powerful and inspiring talks in a 5-minute hit.

The Ignite project gives passionate speakers who have volunteered themselves a platform to talk on random topics that are dear to them. With talks on anything from small man syndrome to using Harry Potter as a guide to life, every speaker has a slot of 20 slides, each 15 seconds long- they make it short, they make it snappy. Glee Club, Bute Street, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff.

20th     –          Thursday

Design Stuff CardiffGrass roots talks bringing Cardiff designers and creators together.

Supporting not networking- people working in design give talks on their work and ideas, on issues spanning from accessibility to ethics. Drinks and socializing are likely to follow. 6:30pm, 10 feet tall, 11A-12 Church St.

25th     –          Tuesday

Stop Violence against women– talks and service held at Llandaff Cathedral, making a stand to end violence against women.

Survivors of violence alongside faith leaders will speak up at a service held on the International day to Eliminate Violence Against Women. A march to Llandaff Cathedral will be leaving Bawso, 9 Cathedral road at 9.30am to raise awareness for the campaign. There’s also a lunch of international food at 1pm at the Unite Union. Talks at the cathedral start at 10.50 am.

Creative Skillset Cymru Creative Industries and Skills Stakeholder Reception.

Creative Skillset Cymru is holding a reception to celebrate its work building Wales’ Creative Industries, and developing existing and upcoming talent. Members of the Creative Skillset Cymru Industry National Advisory Board, Welsh creative companies and trade associations, and education and training providers will be attending alongside people who are currently benefitting from the scheme. It could be a good opportunity to find out more about what they do, and if they could help any of you struggling artists. Grace William Studio, BBC Hoddinott Hall, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay. 6-8pm.

26th     –          Wednesday

Are we there yet? LGBT+ rights in Wales and the world– An evening discussing the many challenges to LGBT+ rights in Wales and the world.

Speakers include controversial, and enduring human rights activist Peter Tatchell, and Laura McAllister- Professor of Governance at the University of Liverpool and Chair of Sport Wales. You can follow the discussion #awty on Twitter. 6:30 pm, Temple of Peace, King Edward VII Avenue, Cathays Park.

Risk, Attitudes to Constitutional Change and the Scottish Independence Referendum– Academic discussion on how fears of uncertainty affected Scotland’s vote.

Arguing that risk perception and risk aversion were big factors in determining voters decisions in the 2014 independence referendum, the talk looks at how uncertainty and loss interacted with risk and whether particular features of the referendum campaign helped or hindered losers’ consent. 5-7 pm. Council Chamber, Glamorgan Building, King Edward VII Avenue.

27th     –          Thursday

Art Freedom Wales– Does wales have creative freedom of expression?

Unfortunately NOT FREE (theres a £5 contribution to costs) this is still worth a mention. Art Freedom Wales has been organised by the respected Index on censorship magazine, the event centres around debate of creative freedom of expression in Wales. Speakers from different points of the creative scene- from the national theatre to Museum’s Wales- will be attending to give their point of view. Chapter Arts centre, Canton. 2-5.30 pm.

“All things being equal: Contemporary experiences of the Gender Agenda” Panel discussion on gender equality from a line up of high profile, inspirational women.

Presiding Officer of the National Assembly Dame Rosemary Butler chairs panel discussion on the state of equality in the UK today, alongside writer and feminist activist Beatrix Campbell, Pragna Patel of Southall Black Sisters group, and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett of The Vagenda acclaimed feminist online magazine. The talk is The Women’s Equality Network Wales Annual Lecture 2014. 7- 9 pm.Culture & Media Centre. Loudoun, Plas Iona, Butetown.

28th    –          Friday

The Coral Project – Making Sense of Abusive Behavior in LGBT Relationships– an end of study discussion of the project.

The Coral Project is the first UK-wide study of abusive behavior in lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender relationships looking at its use, and attitudes to and around it. The talk is an end-of-project event to discuss their findings. hosted by Safer Wales. 2- 5pm Lecture theatre 1.63
, Glamorgan Building, King Edward VII Avenue.

MEP Question Time A chance to question MEP’s on EU issues that affect you.

If you’ve watched the TV program then you know the drill… sort of. The event is a chance question your MEPs on any issues EU related. Its also set to be semi informative, pointing out how to access EU funds and support, how the EU is affecting local areas and giving a chance for those so inclined to Network MEPs, European Parliament staff and local business and civil society leaders. 10am to 12pm. European Parliament UK Office and the Hansard Society.